Fresh natural fruit juices made from fresh fruits received from various parts of Uganda with some few directly imported also. These are pure refreshing fruit juices that provide the body with natural Vitamins and dietary fibers that guard against diseases and scurvy thus boosting body immunity.


Splash Pure refreshing fruit Juice made from selected high quality tropical fruits of Uganda. Splash available in: Mango, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Pinacolada, Guava, Tropical fruit Punch, Fruit cocktail, and simply Hibi. Splash is available in 150ml, 250ml and 1 Litre.

Pack Sizes
+ 18pkts X 150mls/carton
+ 24pkts X 250mls/tray or 96pkts X 250mls/carton
+ 12pkts X 1ltr /tray or 24pkts X 1ltr/Carton


Fresh fruit Juice. Packed in an attractive and affordable Kids size 150mls X 18pkts/ctn and 36pkts/ctn. Easy family and Economy school pack; Convenient in handling and use with a ready “straw applicator”. Available in Mango, Apple, Pineapple and Blackcurrant.

Ladid Nectar Juice

Available in pack size 12pkts X 1ltr and in three varieties; Mango, Guava & Fruit Cocktail.

Real Fruit Taste. Sun-sip Squash comes in the form of flavored syrups, which are to be diluted to taste. These cater for school goers, family, picnics and are nutritious in nature yet very affordable too. Available in Eight Rich Varieties; Mango, Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Passion, Blackcurrant, Strawberry, & Cocopine.

Sun-Sip, 1 Litre

12 Jerricans X 1 litre per Carton

Sun-Sip, 2 Litres

6 Jerricans X 2 litres per Carton

Sun-Sip, 3 Litres

4 Jerricans X 3 litres per Carton

Sun-Sip, 5 Litres

4 Jerricans X 5 litres per carton

Top-up is the brand name for our sauces made from fresh garden tomatoes, chillies, and garlic; these however come in the form of tomato sauces, chili sauces, Peri Peri, hot ’n’ sweet, and chili garlic and are in varied taste, sizes and prices.

Top Up Tomato Sauce

Pack sizes
+ Tomato 4 Jerricans X 5kg/Carton
+ Tomato 12 Bottles X 700mls/Carton
+ Tomato 24 Bottles X 400gms/Carton

Top Up Chilli Sauce, Top Up Chilli Garlic Sauce and Top Up Hot n Sweet Sauce

Pack Sizes
+ Chili 4 Jerricans X 5kgs/Carton
+ Chili 24 Bottle X 260gm/Carton
+ Chili Garlic 24 Bottle X 400gms/Carton
+ Hot n Sweet 24 Bottle X 400gms/Carton
+ Peri Peri 24 Bottle X 260gms/Carton

We offer a very vast variety of biscuits ranging from ATC Creams also in varied flavors, Coco bites, Nice, Short cake, Family, Marie, Assorted and a variety small biscuits to mention the famous Glucose, Tariata, Gluco-Max, Simba milk and many more.

Premium Biscuits

Galaxy Assorted Biscuits. Pack size 10 budget packs X 1kg/Carton

ATC Premium Biscuits available in Nice, Shortcake, Coco Bite, Family, Marie, Morning Coffee and Petit Beurre. Pack size 25pkts X 200g/Carton

Jar Biscuits available in Nice, Shortcake, Coco Bite and Butter. Pack size 6 jars X 1kg/Carton

Economy Biscuits

Available in:
+ Glucose, Milk, Gluco-max, Nice, Family Classic, Marie Classic & Milk Plus in pack size 120pkts/Carton
+ Big Gold & Zahabu available in 84pkts and 72pkts/Carton respectively
+ Glucose, Milk & Honey available in 60pkts/Carton
+ Manji Nice, Milk & Glucose available in 48pkts/Carton

Loose Pack Biscuits

These are small box biscuits sealed in loose form and are available in
+ Shortcake 108pkts, Milky Day 108pkts, Glucose 108pkts, Anytime 108pkts & Big Maria 108pkts/Carton
+ 1.2Kg Shortcake, 1.2Kg Family, 1.2Kg Marie, 1.2Kg Nice & 1.2Kg Coco Bite available in carton singles.